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Being in the charter business has its quirks such as this post. Some will call it information, some will call it advertising and seeing as how this board is dominated by Texans, some will say, why target us after all that has happened in the last few weeks.....

As we learned after Katrina, you have to get out front with the real story before all of the country believes the **** that they see on TV, remember with those folks, it gets more time only if it bleeds.

First off, let me say that our thoughts are with each of you, remember this is twice in 3 years for us so we know what you are going through. To all of the people on Galveston Island, we wish you success in whatever fights you have coming to keep your property.

Grand Isle - It certainly is not all gloom and doom. We were hit by the eye wall of Gustav but weather it be luck or the newer building codes, most of the structures survived with little to no damage. I personally lost only the ground level store room that I had for ancillary items. All of the business critical items were evacuated and are ready to roll.

The latest update shows that for the most part the electrical work on Grand Isle is complete, there was a slight delay in getting the transmission lines hooked backed up but that has been solved and some of the island currently has electricity with more being added by the minute. The local government cannot give us a projected date as to when they will openly allow visitors back onto the island, all of the business owners are telling me that the moment that they get electricity, they are opening up. We can get you on if need be.

The island itself took a big hit in that the beach side levee was washed out for a couple of miles on the west side of the island. They are working to rebuild that and from what I hear this time it is going to be built bigger and stronger. That work will continue for months.

I personally will be moving my offshore boat back to Grand Isle tomorrow. My home port, Bridgeside Marina tells me that the backdowns are open and clear. There is a dumpster in the marina as well as parts from a metal building but they have been located and will be removed any day now. They have fuel and will have rooms available as soon as the power crews check out. The inland boat will be moved back in the next few days.

We had cancelled and/or rescheduled all of our trips out to Oct. 4th and that is the day that we will get back to fishing. As with the fallout after Katrina, vast areas, (such as Texas) that makes up our customer base were also effected by storms. Many of our customers have either been directly effected by the damage or they are now very busy because they in one way or another participate in the cleanup and rebuild. We have plenty of days currently open and there will be more in the future as we have to work around our customer's needs.

When any of you gets to the point that you are ready to fish and/or get away, Grand Isle awaits. We are roughly 5 hours from the La./Tx. line with direct access to the waters that you are accustomed to fishing. Now let's hope that everyone has brighter days ahead and that we have a killer Lump season.

God Bless
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