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Mr. Tommy Wendel Group boat-2 (wade fishing Norton margarita bull minnows) "We got em" Guide Jake Huddleston 8-17-04

Mr. Tommy Wendel Group boat-1 (wade fishing Norton margarita bull minnows) solid box, Guide TJ Christensen 8-17-04

Quick Report & Website Update

Our fishing took a hit over the weekend with ENE winds causing bays to be dirty and rough. Fishing was much slower, but yesterday the guys located aggressive trout and redfish. Trout were caught over hard sand with a few fish offering themselves over grass and mud. Top water plugs fooled several nice trout in the 3 pound class. According to Capt. Jake Huddleston "I tried other colors when we really got into the reds, but after several empty cast, I went back to the margarita color."

Very soon when you open the website at either www.BayFlatsLodge.com or www.BayFlatsWaterfowl.com you will read, ENTER site. After you make that click, you will be able to make the choice to view the introduction fishing video with music or skip introduction and be taken directly to the site. The website tool bars will offer 3 different videos with music. We hope you will find these videos exciting to watch, they were sure fun to make.

Best Regards,

Capt. Chris Martin
Bay Flats Lodge
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