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Surprise Surprise, the weatherman was WRONG Again.. Winds were something fierce and water was pretty rough. We got on the reef about 7:00 and drifted for a few hours with only a few bumps to show for it. Most were just short strinking the tails of the assassins. We moved to BlueBuck Point and started fishing up the La shoreline and ended up with 2 keeper reds and 2 gafftop to show for it. Gafftop even hit soft plastics, thats a first for me. All in all, it was actually a decent day on the water, I mean what else is better than being on the water. Fishing was tough and fish weren't cooperating, but we had a good time. Took my dad and little brother with me. It was good to see my brother get a nice slot red too. Im ready for more. Its gotta get better soon, Maybe..


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