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Finally got some decent weather. Left Port A jetties around 7:30, dial-a-bouy lied again. 2 to 3 my ***. Anyway, ride out dead against 3 to 5's for about forty miles, nice, get where we are going, and the wind dies. Flat calm seas, beautiful, super clear water and fish everywhere. Caught lots of dolphin, snapper, and really big B-liners. I needed a good trip after the **** luck I've had this year with the vacation time I've taken and the weather that accompanied it. This was the first trip that I have had that I would actually call a meat haul.
Totals were:
28 dolphin
12 B-liners
6 snapper (our legal limit)
1 ling
1 remora
1 king
1 bonita
These are the only few pictures I took with my cell-phone camera. Beleive it or not the action was so hot we didn't have time for many pictures. Headed home @ around 3:30 due to lack of cooler space.(Man, what a problem to have) Made about 35 knots all the way home, in 2 ft. seas.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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