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good surf rods

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i am looking for a couple of good 10 foot, med/heavy action surf rods. What would be a good brand and place to get some at, or some one that makes custom surf rods. Thanks
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A lot of people talking positively on the ARS rods. American Rod S.

I like 1 piece customs personally.
PM Chongo, he builds surf rods and they are nice.

Fishing tackle unlimited in Houston.......or Chris Gonzales in Galveston at Islander Custom Tackle.
American Rodsmiths makes a great affordable surf rod that you can get at Academy. I beleive the 10 footer runs about 40 bucks, but don't let the price fool you, they are pretty **** good rods. The Bass Pro Shops Ocean Master surf rods are also very good rods and have been proven over the last several years. These are what most of the surf rodders are using on the beaches here. It you want a top quality rod get a Breakaway, made in Corpus. They are top notch.
Like the 11' Ugly Stick myself. It's caught some BIG fishes.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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