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As everyone knows it has been raining almost daily here for over a month now. We had a couple of good days earlier this week but it was a long wet spell before and we are back into another long wet spell that will pro'lly go on for the rest of the summer.

I've been bangin' around the house looking for something to do. You know, a real project with goals and objectives and such. Today I found a great one and I just now finished it. I'm glad it's done and it turned out really well.

I completely remodled the inside of my gun cabinet. Changed it all up. I bought it a couple of years ago when I had 2 Glocks, a couple of revolvers and that's it. It originally came with a floor plan that would accomodate a couple of pistols and half a dozen rifles or shotguns. Since I no longer have any long guns of any kind I took out all the stuff for the rifles and installed a cantilever shelving system with five shelves. That was adequate room for all the guns, all the ammo, the one range bag and the assorted shooting accessories.

But nothing stays the same. I now have 4 glocks, an additional 3 revolvers, a couple of more pistols, a cardboard box full of holsters, tons more shooting supplies and accessoried, and a rifle...and...I have turned into a fairly serious ammunition hoarder with the skyrocketing prices. I find a caliber I shoot at a good price I load up. (Pardon the pun). Any semblance of order or organization was totally out the window and it has been driving me nutz for a long time.

So I took everything out. I removed all the shelves and reset the entire system adding 2 more shelves and adjusting the spacing between them to accomodate the new "plan" and all the new "stuff". Had to back up and regroup a couple of times but it is now good. Shoot, I think I could get a couple of more Glocks in there without any trouble at all.

But no more ammo though, not for a while at least. I have nearly 6K rounds spread out over 8 calibers. Mostly .45 auto and 9mm which is what I shoot the most. Oh yeah, pro'lly another 1k of .22lr which I shoot a lot of too.

Now if only I could muster the courage to tackle the garage with the same enthusiasm.
Naaahhhh! I don't THINK so, Scooter!
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