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Briefly. 300,000 people have been ordered evacuated from Palm Beach.
All Home Depots here are sold out of plywood, radios and batteries. No more deliveries are expected because other states had already depleted their own stocks for Hurricane Charlie.
Nearly all gasoline stations are out of gas. People are still lining up at the stations in hopes that a delivery will be made. There are tankers of gasoline sitting off port. But the Port Authority is not allowing them in for some reason. The port is closed.
Currently our weather is the same as I remember it from Andrew. Sunshine is in and out fairly rapidly as clouds skate across the skies.
Our major local TV stations CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC have dropped all program scheduling to put all focus on Frances.

For a great view of the bands of rain approaching Florida, take a look at the radar loop coming out of Melboune:

Now I'm going to go and lay down to give my spine a rest and enjoy 2 hrs. of hilarity with my "The Birdcage" with Robbin Williams DVD...and try to forget Frances for a little while.

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