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Good Morning AJ

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Don't know if you can read this message. If you can,I'll know you're safe. Let us know.
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Dearest one I can read it and was truly relieved that Charley didn't come on shore here. All we had were some severe lightning storms, sometimes hail, lots of rain and tornado warnings,

My oldest son and his family live in Lakeland, just above Tampa. My son works in Orlando.

We spoke to our family there early evening and they were doing OK. But I have to check this morning after seeing what happened to Orlando.

All of us, of course, are grieving for the people where Charley went landfall. Though not as bad as Andrew, the people there don't take hurricanes as seriously as we do in Miami. We already know people were killed there and we should lift our prayers to heaven for the survivors.

Good to see you again El.
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