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Earlier on another thread there was a question about what did or didn't qualify for FEMA assistance. I've found tons of really useful information (like the following) on www.chron.com on all kinds of topics associated with Ike. Hope this helps.

September 19, 2008

Brazoria County residents eligible for FEMA aid

From Brazoria County:

A wide range of help is available to residents of Brazoria and other counties that were impacted by Hurricane Ike.

FEMA registration can be accomplished at Congressman Nick Lampson's office, where mobile telephone and internet facilities will be available. The office, located at American Legion Post 490, 11702 Galveston Rd (SH 3), across from Ellington Field in Houston, will be open for this purpose from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Congressional caseworkers will be on hand to help constituents who have been affected by the hurricane. Please bring the following items:
• Social Security Number
• Description of losses caused by disaster
• Insurance information
• Directions to damaged property
• A telephone number where you can be contacted.

If you have any questions, please call Congressman Lampson's Stafford office at 281-240-3700.

Residents and business owners can begin the disaster application process by registering online at www.fema.gov. or by calling 800-621-FEMA (3362) or 800-462-7585 (TTY) for the speech and hearing impaired. The toll-free numbers are available 24 hours per day.

Applicants registering for aid should be prepared to provide basic information about themselves (name, permanent address, phone number), insurance coverage and any other information to help substantiate losses.

FEMA has activated its transitional sheltering initiative to allow eligible Ike evacuees from Texas, who cannot return to their homes, to stay in hotels or motels until it is safe for them to go home.

FEMA will pay for the lodging directly to the hotels and motels. A listing of participating hotels is available online at www.FEMAEvacHotels.com.

An individual staying at a hotel that does not participate in the program is asked to hold the receipts and FEMA will assist them, according to a FEMA announcement dated Sept. 15.

To ensure reimbursement, evacuees first need to apply for federal assistance through FEMA either online at www.fema.gov or by calling the FEMA toll-free call centers at 800-621-FEMA (3362), TTY 800-462-7585. Eligible evacuees must fit the following criteria:

1. FEMA must be able to verify the identity of the evacuee;
2. The primary residence of the evacuee must be in one of the counties that has been designated a disaster area; and
3. The primary residence is inaccessible or unlivable due to damage or lack of power.

This assistance is intended to provide a more appropriate extended sheltering environment to evacuees who cannot return home because their neighborhoods are inaccessible or because their homes are unlivable due to damage or lack of power.

The initial period of assistance is from Sept. 14 to October 14, 2008. This program will not reimburse for previously incurred hotel expenses. Applicants are responsible for their own meals and for any lodging costs above the authorized allowance.

Because of the high number of calls FEMA is receiving, applicants should expect long wait times and consider calling during non-peak hours. The hotline is open 24 hours.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to register online if at all possible. Home inspections do not need to be completed before applying. FEMA September 15th press release.

Some grants are also available through FEMA. These include home repairs and replacement of essential household items not covered by insurance to make damaged dwellings safe, sanitary and functional. (Source: FEMA funded and administered)

Grants are available to replace personal property and help meet medical, dental, funeral, transportation and other serious disaster-related needs not covered by insurance or other federal, state and charitable aid programs (Source: FEMA funded at 75 percent of total eligible costs; 25 percent funded by the state).

Unemployment payments are available for up to 26 weeks for workers who temporarily lost jobs because of the disaster and who do not qualify for state benefits, such as self-employed individuals (Source: FEMA funded; state administered).

Low interest loans to cover residential losses not fully compensated by insurance are available up to $200,000 for primary residence; $40,000 for personal property, including renter losses. Loans are available up to $1.5 million for business property losses not fully compensated by insurance (Source: U.S. Small Business Administration).

Loans are also available for up to $2 million for small businesses, small agricultural cooperatives and most private, non-profit organizations of all sizes that have suffered disaster-related cash flow problems and need funds for working capital to recover from the disaster's adverse economic impact.

This loan in combination with a property loss loan cannot exceed a total of $2 million. (Source: U.S. Small Business Administration).

Loans up to $500,000 are available for farmers, ranchers, and aquaculture operators to recover production and property losses, excluding primary residence (Source: Farm Service Agency, U.S. Department of Agriculture).

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Ease Up Fellas

I would hope that people here recognize that FEMA is a legitimate source of aid in the event one NEEDS it. So, if folks inquire about the utilization of FEMA I really don't think we need to dogpile them. The fact that someone would submit a question in the first place indicates at least they are not "professional" FEMA leeches. Perhaps guiding them and providing them with useful info like the above poster would be best. A lot of people have been impacted by Ike and could stand to lean on some assistance. I'm personally OK with my tax dollars going to someone who is in need. Afterall the only thing that seperates those in need from those not.....is grace. JMO though. That and about $.55 might get you a Coke!!!:wink:


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Some Need Temporary Help

" . . The fact that someone would submit a question in the first place indicates at least they are not "professional" FEMA leeches. . . "

Mike - I agree with your statement. While there are those who are parasites and take advantage of FEMA (or unemployment, workers comp, etc.), it's best not to label everyone who uses those resources as such.

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Too Tall said:
Me too but I want to know where to get a .55 cent Coke. :D
lmao....can buy'em all day long here in the control room for .55cents. I'll sell them to you for .75cents though, but please don't report me to the AG for price gouging!!!:D

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