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Some of you might have known we are expecting a new member to the Change gang, We found out today that we will be expecting the birth of our second grandaughter on or about the 14th of October. Her name will be Leah Marie.

WalkingJack, I guess we need to plan to pound the pier that day! You pirate, old salt, co-conspirator, amigo, and friend! Wow, am I on cloud nine!
For those that don't know, I missed the birth of my first grandaughter 'cause I was catching Blacktips with Jack. It was my fault only. I left my cell phone on his kitchen table. I had to listen to 27 voicemails chronologing the birth of my daughters first baby! I'll never get over it. But have you ever had a blacktip leap outta the surf and dance in the sky! We caught 11 that day!

Anyway, somehow my family forgives me my love of the pull. And Raven thinks I'm a hero 'cause I can play "Itsey Bitsey Spider" and "The Wheels on the Bus" on my guitar! Here's a pic of my sweetheart blowing me a kiss.

People, it don't get no better than that!
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