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Rick, You old sea-dog you! Man, that is just terrific!! I am very happy for y'all and I just have a feeling that the black-tips are gonna be a jumpin' that day. This time, might be best if you leave your phone turned on and have it with you. :D

This is like you are being given another chance to handle things a little more smoothly. You have a lot riding on this 'n, given your past performance and it'll go hard for you if you don't do better this time. I just know that there won't be anything that will stand in yer way this time....:p :D

But seriously, Y'all are a special family and Pam and I are over joyed at this news. Raven is a doll and if I look closely at her little finger I can just make out the imprint of you being wrapped around it. :D When Leah Marie gets here the competition is gonna be fierce. Lucky for these kids that their grandpa has a big enough heart to love them all, as much as any child could ever need. Hard to tell just who the lucky ones are: you for having such wonderful grandkids, or them for having such a devoted and terrific grandpa. Looks like winners all around to me!!
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