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This storm led me to drink as much or more than my fraternity/game days at LSU. Felt good though, got to meet all my new neighbors and also learned there are many people who like to drink as much, if not more than me.

If you're seriously going to rehab, my thoughts and prayers are with you- if youre being sardonic, then of course I would be saying the same thing as you. my liver hurts. cheers for the free water from FEMA.

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soul seaching

mastercylinder said:
i went to rehab once and flunked out. during soul-searching class, i got caught looking into the soul of the guy sitting next to me.
same here , before Ike i was going to donate my body to science , it would be rejected now !!! as it is pickeled LoL

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PalmsUp said:
After the past weeks events I think I am gonna check myself in....
Never thought I would say " Sorry I really do not want another cold one"
Interesting support group here. I wish you the best of luck and success in your rehabilitation. Making the decission is the hard part. Once you make your mind up, it can be done. I am not saying it will be easy. If you need someone to talk with, send me a PM and I will chat.

I am a recovering full blown Alcoholic since Feb 13, 1992.

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My liver thinks my throats been cut.
Just don't sub another vice for booze. I have been around too many that chain smoke and drink coffee all day long and then give you the stink eye for drinking a few beers. Some see the light, others are just feeling the heat.
I hear the hardest part is realizing you have a problem you want to get help with.
Good Luck.

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OK tongue in cheek or not. After 18 beers on 12/31/07 leading up to 1/1/08 and about 5 on the weekdays 10-18 on the weekends per day before that I haven't had a drop in 266 days and for no other reason then I felt like i needed too. it was tough for about 3 months and then the struggle became a challenge within myself to see how long I could go. 10/31-11/4 will be the true test we usally runthrough about 300 beers for 5 guys opening weekend.

Just some background
1. Backtracking I became and Alcholic at 12 on boones farm, southern comfort and california coolers,
2. Long history in the family
3. Airforce off to England @ 19 legally drinking
4. Never Violent ( I was the happy drunk)
5. High Cholesteral and Triglycerades(sp) @ 661 Currently high but about half of the previous numbers.
6. Quit dipping 2/12/08

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way to go-- i had my last whiskey before my first child was born-- gave up tobacco about 4 years ago --but i still eat to much --im workin on that from time to time--lol --it seems thats a vice thats got a good hold on me--but u can let the liqure go --and the tobbacco-- i did--its all in ur head--and ur tougher than than the liqure --way to go
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