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Looks like my number has finally come up and myself and a horde of other linemen from Centerpoint Energy will be leaving at 5am Saturday morning to go help restore power taken out by Ivan, the unholy.

Blood money for sure but I think I'll enjoy the experience.

Unfortunately, I'll be missing the Double bayou blowout AND the Lonestar bike rally in Galveston week after next, (both of which I was REALLY lookin' forward to) but oh well, can't pass up a chance to lend a hand to some folks that need it and put a little coin in the pocket as well.

I'm guessin' we'll be gone anywhere from 2-3 weeks but who knows.

I'm bringin' the camera so maybe I can post up some interesting pics when we get back.

I'll be thinkin' about all my buds back in the Lonestar state while I'm gone and I hope all my bikin' buds have a great time at the blowout and the rally......hoist a few for me, would ya'?

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