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Goin fitchin in the mawnin!

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Gonna hit the south shore of east in the am so if any of ya see a CC SeaArk stop by and say hi. Ill be wading mostly. Lets hope the wind gives me a small window in the morning. Havent been in over a month and Im dying to get out there and get a pull. Plannin on fishin all day or until I just cant take no more. Back tomorrow night with a report and hopefully a pick or two.

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Go get em Zac! Be sure to post up after.

Dang Bro, wishin I was a goin with cha, now it's my time to go to work, don't cha know...
I'll be thinlin of ya next weekend while I'm chunkin on Baffin.....
Man workin for a livin stinks, I rather be a fishin! :fishy:
Good luck Zac. I'll be woikin'! :(
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