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Ok tell the truth does this sound like you before a tournament?

Bubba does tend to get into a dither whenever he is about to fish a tournament. His behavior before the event can only be compared to a child's before Christmas morning anticipating their first new bicycle.
His wife misses him when he is out of town fishing tournaments but the one thing she doesn't miss are the preparations he goes through to prepare himself. This is the time when the game room in their home takes on the look of a ½ off sale at a major fishing tackle store.

Bubba will take everything out of his boat just so he will only take what is essential for the "Rip a Lip" event. He'll have a stack of plastics, all-different shapes, sizes, and colors covering the top of their coffee and end tables. Spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, different colored skirts, trailer hooks, and changeable blades will fill the sofa. (Sometimes he will pull out the hide-a-bed so he will have even more room.)

The desk in the living room is reserved for Bubba's crankbaits. This space is never large enough for his assortment of the necessary array of deadly baits the bass just can't resist, so usually there is a folding picnic table set up to allow for enough space. This accumulation of "Bubba's Stuff" could fill a long row at Bass Pro Shop. He will have his lipless baits such as Rattlin' Rapalas and RattleTraps all lined up in assorted weights, colors and sizes all in a neat little row. Then he'll take and line up all his diving baits. All categorized (according to him) in color, diving depths, and weight.

Once all the tackle has completely taken all available space in the living room, then it is time to break out the rods and reels. His scrutiny of these would put a safety inspector at NASA to shame. He'll check the gears, the bearings, the seating, and all working components. When this is completed to his satisfaction then it is time for the line. This in itself is quite an ordeal. On each of the multitude of rod n' reels he has to have just the right pound test and just the right colored line for the water to be fished.

After this two-day process has been completed, he is then ready to downsize and take just what will be important for the tournament. At this stage of preparation it is Bubba jumping from one piece of furniture to another picking out baits he can't float his boat without.

His wife really finds this stage of preparation the most humorous. She takes a ringside seat to watch Bubba slip into his "in a dither mode". She just loves it when he starts talking to his baits and mumbling his expectations of them all in the upcoming event. He'll make comments at each stop. These comments will range from, "Oh, I've got to have that," or "That one is sure enough a killer," or "Can't go anywhere without that pack!" Having seen this comedy sketch many times before she knows exactly what the outcome will be.

Well it never fails! When Bubba has finally downsized to just the essentials needed so he'll have more room in his boat, everything is back in the boat! Not one bait, lure, or hook is left behind. "Heck, that might be the one that catches the winning fish," Bubba will say.

Then comes packing for the trip. A survivalist attempting a track through the Amazon could learn much from Bubba. He takes coffee pot, coffee, filters, ointments, lotions, lots of extra clothes and caps, (he has to look the part), beer, beer, and more beer, and a first aid kit in case he gets a scratch cause his wife won't be there to kiss it and make it better. After this he is ready. He has to be, there isn't room for anything else except his fishing partner and he is only allowed one tackle bag and one rod n' reel.

With all preparations completed at last it is time to get some rest. Bubba really presses his luck with the wife here because he wants all televisions off at 9 P.M. She is amazed how he'll always set the alarm an hour earlier than necessary and always wakes before it goes off. She'd like to know how to get him to do this on a workday without hitting the snooze control four or five times.

Bubba also has a system for determining how good a day of fishing he is going to have. If he backlashes the toilet paper first thing in the morning, he knows its not going to be a good day. If the toothpaste slips out of his hand, he's going to lose a big one, and if his wife doesn't tell him to be sure and put the plug in the boat…need I say more!
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