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Getting Out of Sargeant

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I usually go out from San Louis Pass, so I am used to tricky shoals, but I could use some advice on getting out of Sargeant, where I plan to set off from tomorrow. I will try to attach a picture to aid in the descriptions.

I need to know what the conditions are like now, and how important the tides are in deciding when to go out. I will be in a center console with a 2.5 ft engine draft (twins).

Does anyone have any pointers or recent recon?
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Sorry, here is the picture....


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i think you need to stay right next to the southern shoreline.

It is very tricky, i am 4 for 5 on not hitting the bottom in my offshore boat with about 2.5-3 foot depth.

Yes hang right. You can see where the brown water on your pic hangs right. I've been through there a lot. You shouldn't have a problem if you just watch the waves and where they are cresting...they will tell you where to go.
You want to stay to the west of the cut and then south before you take your bearing to your desitnation. As mentioned - watch the breakers and follow another boat out your first couple times to mark your GPS for save nav points.


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Thanks RR,
That is exactly the help I was looking for. I printed your picture and put it in my wallet.
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