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this isn't going to be much help specifically, but may help put some minds at a lil ease.

They govt has allowed 1 national news chopper to fly and boradcast.

Most of the boats they fly over look to be in prety good shape.

I think they flew over the Akela's home, and much of the roofs are gone, but it didn't look like any boats were sunk.

There was a shot of a marina with a small roller coaster in the background, and everything looked pretty good there.

There was a shot, however, of a marina with speed/pleasure craft boats that looked a little awry.

Not sure what canal community it was, but some sportfishers that were moored in the middle of the canals looks to be in good shape.

Many of the homes on stilts that are right on the beach got the *** beat out of them and have tons of debris and look to have some problems.

There is a very identifiable home on Galv that used to be 6 peaks, it is now 4 peaks and looks like the whole structure moved. Most of the homes around it are gonna need some nails and shingles at the least.

The Flagship Hotel has alot of damage, and the driveway is missing a big piece.

Haven't seen any pics of Bolivar, but one news caster said it wasn't good.

Other than that, the news hasn't really revealed much. Finally, they are coming out with some new footage.

Best wishes to all of you.
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