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Got to the beach friday evening around three. No mullet in the surf, and whitting were hard to come by. I finally caught one small mullet in the castnet, got him cated out over the first bar as Buckeye showed up. We started getting a few big rigs ready to run out before dark. The casted rod started to bounce. I reel it in to find a turtle on the other end. We got some large baits out before dark and got ready for the bug invasion that was coming at sundown. Went most of the night with no action, around 11 one of my 6/0 started to scream. This was a great run, single speed, straight out and non stop. By the time I got to the rod the fish had taken about 100 yards from me. I slowly started to tighten the drag down to slow the fish, but did not happen. Went tight on him, and the line broke. I lost most of the line on the 6/0. Guess I had a bad spot way don the spool. Still mad about about that fish, he was a good one. No action the rest of the night.

Morning came with ice cream condtions and still no bait in the surf. We ran some more shark lines out and started the wait. Few guys paddle kayaks out andfish BTB. Around noon buckeye caught a small whitting, I had a live bait leader on a Daiwa 50 ready so I walked and cast the whitting out live. Did not take more then twenty minutes before the live whitting was nailed. Fish dumped half the line off the 50SHV before it stopped, I was getting excitied on the run. That was until it just stopped, not good. Knew that I was dealing with a big ray, since we had nothing going on I decided to land him. I should have thought this out a little more, a big ray on a 12' rod from the beach is a work out. I considered it traing for sharkathon :lol:

Needless to say, 1.5 hours later I had him in the first gut. We clipped another rod to the top of the leader and was able to land the monster. My back, legs and arms felt like jelly, still hurt today.

Jolly Roger and Buckeye with a monster ray.

Rest of the day went by with little action. Few pick ups, and small bull sharks hitting baits around hooks. By the end of the day we decided to make a move closer to High Island. I headed back to the house. Buckeye stayed last night.

Played around in kayak satuday evening some also

Showing how to do it right

Showing how not to do it :lol:


Called Buckeye and got a report from today. Green water to the beach and bait everywhere. Go figure, I should have went back this morning. He caught one 5'+ bull shark. Just a heads up to anyone headed tht way, the macs were in thick. Cutting lines often.
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