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Do y'all remember the young kayak fisherman who was found drowned next to his kayak on July 8?


He was 29 years old, and his name was Lloyd Wood. His brother Jeff Wood has asked on TKF (TexasKayakFisherman.com) for us to have a day of kayak fishing followed by a BBQ lunch as a tribute to Lloyd's life and his love of kayaking and fishing.

This is not a fundraiser, it's a memorial tribute to Lloyd, and a means of giving moral support to Lloyd's family and friends.

Jeff wants to video folks kayak fishing, and also the folks who show up for the BBQ lunch. Jeff plans to put the video on Lloyd's MySpace page.

Please throw your support behind this endeavor. Try to go fishing in the area that morning, whether by kayak, wading or boat, (and take some photos/videos of your trip if you can) then come by the San Luis Pass County Park (the old KOA campground) and meet with us at the pavilion for the BBQ lunch (probably burgers and chicken).

We've not had a lot of response yet on TKF for the outing. If you can attend PLEASE post on this TKF thread below (if you're not registered there yet, you'll need to register on TKF so that you can post). If you're able to bring some of the food, please let us know that as well.

Lloyd's family will appreciate your show of strength in this tribute to Lloyd's life.

Roll call and food thread:

The thread where this event was started (and you'll see posts from Lloyd's sister "Shelby" and his mom "marywood" there as well):

Thanks so much and blessings to you all.

Mrs. B

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I hope there is a great turn out for this...
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