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Posted this over on TTMB but now thinking I should have posted here, so here goes:

I have a Garmin GPSMAP 176 and Blue Chart for Tx coast. Does anyone know if this mapping software will work on MS Vista OS? What version?

I need to get a new computer but don't want to lose mapping software and ability to download maps to GPS. I know I can order some new computers with XP instead of Vista but kinda like to get current w/Vista on a new computer.

Yes, I know, I'd be better to wait until first Vista update but this computer needs upgrading real soon.


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I didn't find one single answer but the "one size fits all"

Question: Is Garmin software Microsoft Vista compatible?
Answer: Garmin software is now Microsoft Vista compatible. Here are a few of the main issues that our software has with Vista and how to fix them:

  • There is an incorrect registry permission that is resolved by installing the latest MapSource web download from here. This will resolve the issue for MapSource as well as any other Garmin applications that are already installed such as Garmin Training Center.
  • The help files will not work on Vista due to Microsoft abandoning support for the .hlp format help files. Garmin is creating help files in the new format. As soon as they are ready, an update will be made available.
  • There is an issue with updating old USB drivers in some rare cases. This is a very rare occurrence according to our product support team. There is a workaround for this and you can contact our Product Support department here.
  • There is a new set of USB drivers available. The updated drivers can be downloaded from here.
If you have any other questions about Windows Vista issues, please contact Garmin Product Support.

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