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I know you guys have used some reputable, dependable contractors in the past. I need help finding a company that can do the following:

-garage door replacement. I contacted Crown Overhead Doors, 5701 Bingle and SEARS for estimates. I have a 2 car garage door that is wasted as a result of Ike.

-wood floor repair/replacement. My wooden floor (not pergo) buckled about 1/3 way into my dining room.

-leaded glass windows. My leaded glass windows took a beating.....chipped, cracked and they bowed in. They are clear glass diamond-shaped panes held together by lead. These windows were installed almost 40 years ago.

I need some contractor referrals you have personally used and can vouch for. I'm getting estimates for my insurance claim.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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