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Had three newbies on board Steve, JC, adn Scott. Left Bridge Bait at 0615 heading SE. Seas were a bit sloppy but not much height. Wanting to go a litlle deeper, we headed for Salvador Ridge. Stopped at one shrimp boat on the way and had more king action than you can shake a stick at. JC was a king catching machine. Enough fun, let's move on. By the time we arrived, seas were starting to really lay down. We found a decent looking spot with a good amount of fish marked. We threw everything we had down there and nothing. We couldn't get them to take anything; live bait, dead bait, jigs, nothing. Picked up the marker buoy and tried another sport. Same sort of thing except we at least had some luck with several undrsized snapper. As we pulled to one last spot, we dropped the buoy, hit the chum churn and a HUGE ling shows up right at the boat. We prceeded to throw everything we had at that guy. He would swim up to everything that hit the water almost bump it with his nose and turn away. Finally, I put a dead squid on to a 80lb Flourocarbon leader gave it a little twitch and it's on. Fought that guy for a while and in the boat he goes. What a fight! 42lbs. Still not much action so we decide to head West to another spot.

Tried antoher couple of spots were Scott got his first AJ. Not really huge but 19lbs and a good fight. He was sure happy.

Saw another shrip boat and smaller ling so Steve grabs the first rod he see and pitches it to him. "BAM!" he says. Well, what he grabbed was a light spinning rod with 20lb test. Needless to say, the fight lasted seemingly forever before the line broke.

Finally, on the way West, we saw a large but thin and disorganized weed line so we thought we would give it a whirl. Man, the chickens were thick. Erveyone had fun catching as many as they wanted keeping just enough for the broiler. We trolled the weeds looking for Mr. Bull but no luck, only a somewhat larger Mahi. As I mentioned we needed to head in, Steve asked me if he could try his fly rod. "one chicken on fly is all I need" he says. Not being much of a fly fisherman myself, I had to see this and said sure. Cast
after cast he gave it all. Did not even see any other mahi then, all of a sudden, "BAM!" he says, fish on. the fight lasted a while and he was relaed and we headed home. He was all smiles.

Made it back to the dock. Cleaned fish and boat and headed to the house. A good time was had by all and I think we had some tired folks but I am sure they will be back.
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