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Standing on a Whale fishing for Minnows
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Thought I get in on some late bull red action for Klever on Sat.

Water was 69- 70 degree and a s-se wind made it a go.

Fished the N Jet boat cut with a ripping outgoing and had no hits in the am. Went to the tip and started right up with hooking some football trout. Guess they are still a few hanging around.

Met up with SVDuckbuster and he had some new salts aboard that he was treating to a fine day on the water and some bonus catching . Hats off to you !

South Jetty was kind of wind blown for my liking. Feeched it for about a hour and had not luck and called it the day. ( Had to Go )

Keep a few football trout for a cholesterol filled Trout Almadine in a creole sauce. It took about 3/4 pound of butter..LOL

That's my intake of butter for a while


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