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With December around the corner and with the last " COOL FRONT " that came through should start up the winter trout bite.... Hopefully As some of you may know our last tourney was a great success and everything went as planned without a hickup... I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from everyone and a couple of suggestions for the next event... The orginal Dec. 12th tourney had to be changed to the 19th due me being forced to work on that saturday... So I hope this doesnt through a wrench in anyones plans I am sorry if it did it was really out of my hands... Ok on to the changes I am starting a TOY prize which will consist of a 25$ TOY fee... This fee will go into a pot which will be awarded to the team with the heaviest accumulated combined weight from each touranment... This is not considered a membership fee that the tournament will keep but just a little something for those teams that fish every event... The weights will start at the next tournament and will run through our last event in March.. Plus I will be making providing trophies to the team that ends up on top.. Next we will be having two optional side pots " Biggest Trout " and " Calcutta or Side Pot " both will be 25$ each and will be voted on when each of you sign up.. We will be taking early payments via mail or credit card... I have recieved emails asking about a website and I am working on that right now it should be up and running within the next few weeks. Plus if anyone would like to recieve updates on upcoming events please send me your email address and I will put you on my email list. Again thanks to everyone that participated in the last event and hope to see all of you and some new faces at the Dec 19th event..

Thanks again
Capt Brent Juarez
Galveston Trophy Trout Tournament Series
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