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Galveston Texas may not get high marks for being a consistent tarpon destination, but when all the variables come together it can be as good as it gets, and Friday was good! I helped Jim Farley break in Scott's new 340 Sea Vee, and there is no doubt the new boat catches tarpon. We jumped 8 and landed 2…all big fish. I lost half my **** pops on trash fish, but I jumped three tarpon on a casting rod. One of them I think set a new world distance record for spitting a Coast Hawk. The other five fish hit **** pops trolled Cajun style, just like Scott likes it. The celebratory Lone Star was also as good as it gets. Scott and Jim were pre fishing for Saturday's Tarpon Pro Am, and the efforts paid off, but I will let them tell that story, or maybe Sally should tell it…:)

The pictures will have to come later, we still believe "film" put the "F" in fotography...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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