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Had a good trip yesterday and am very glad I didn't let the early morning lightening cancel it. Had the entire crew and back up crew cancel between Friday afternoon and Sunday at 5:30 am except for a college buddy used to the ranch that just had to go. Apparantly it rained somewhere this weekend. So, woke up Sunday morning in Tiki and watched the lightening for 30 minutes and figured it was disappating a little, so lets go. It was dead calm.
Left Tiki at 6:30 and cleared the jetties making 32 mph. Stopped at 20 miles to see what the last thunderheads were going to do. The wind had kicked up out of the north a little and I had visions of a long, wet run back in. Picked up a couple of small kings and a nice mackeral on plastics around a few stand pipes in 55 feet. Things looked to be settling, so we continued south. Ran across a weedline at about 28 miles and set up to troll. 10 minutes later we were thick into the dolphin, so gave up on trolling a broke out the trout tackle. Played with the chickens for about an hour, they were HUNGRY and hit everything that hit the water. Kept about 15 for dinner, about 5 for decent sized, rest were 1-2 pound chickens. C&R'd dozens.
My ranchhand fishing companion is having a blast seeing what a 2lb dolphin can do compared to a bass and he is inquiring about billfish, as he has been with us before when we have C&R'd a sail out of Port A. "No, you don't normally find them in this water out of Galveson," I explain......
Shrimp boats were sitting out in about 65 feet of water, so headed out to them and trolled around with plastics, picking up a king or bonita every 10-15 minutes. Had one bonita follow a bait to within 7 feet of the boat to hit a plastic I was reeling in after a hook up to a king.

After about two hours of this, it got interesting... seas were flat, weather beautiful and not too hot thanks to overcast skies.... and a little weed patch appeared.....
Headed towards it because it was all by itself and only about 200-300 yards out of the path I was trolling. As we passed the first edge dolphin came greyhounding into the spread and we immediately had two fish jumping all over, they were bigger than the chickens, but nothing great. The middle line settled as we began to fight the two fish... only being two of us... and the boat idled forward. Then the middle line gets hit and is acting like another small dolphin, then a sailfish breaks the water and dances three times and heads for Mexico. I tell my buddy to grab the rod, I grab his with the other dolphin, cut the line on it and horse mine in. Now we've got a sailfish on with about 150 yards of 20lb line out and it is not under control, it is leaping everywhere. I chase it down with the boat and we get up within 10 feet of it and it goes down. I stop and let it run again and it steadily takes 150 yards again and comes up jumping again.
I estimate this sail to be 65-70 lb. It was as large as any I have been hooked up to in Texas. It was a big sail.
So we I've got the camera out and we've had the fish on for 20 minutes and I decide we are going to get it now, for both the fish and my ******* angler who is going crazy watching the fish go crazy. Still not sure what I am going to do between getting a picture, leadering the fish and driving the boat... I am cussing all my buddies and crew that had backed out. So here we go. I've got my angler gaining line and the fish is on the surface. We are within 10 feet again in about 5 minutes. Fish is swimming with the boat, we are inching closer, almost picture time.... oh s%*t. Fish goes crazy again. Starts dancing about 10 to 15 feet from the boat, I grab the camera and there goes the bait and hook. Well, it was close.
We had the sail for about 25 minutes and I really don't know what I was going to do with driving the boat and leadering this fish, so I think everything worked out. But I would have liked to get a picture and have touched the leader (which I think we could have done with ONE MORE PERSON!).
Caught a few more decent dolphin around some weeds and called it a day. Cruised in at 34 mph. What a GORGEOUS DAY and WONDERFUL FISHING and MAGNIFICENT FISH.
Wish I was out there again today. Darn work!
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