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went out around 4:30 pm to west end of seawall (with rock bed instead of sand) fished til sunset (8:30pm). perfect water... clear til who knows. murked up a tiny bit after 7..mullet was the thickest ive ever seen in my life. the top of each swell was decked in mullet, i thought the water was murky at first but it was actually just so many mullet. lots of em jumpin around. casted between first and second but didnt catch anything. other people around me usin shrimp werent hittin anything either from what i saw. also, several HUGE clouds of mullet just past the 2nd bar (50 ft away). nonstop action and mullet jumping, but mom was there and didnt let me go out that far.. sucks. but definitely probably some nice fish there.

but im pretty sure i got skunked mainly b/c i was using arties and i suck at em. i threw ttk's, exudes, wildeye shads, skitterwalks (and jr's.), super spooks (and jr's), and a rootbeer corky and a day glow corky fatboy. i had one blowup on a skitterwalk jr. and a nibble on the ttk. corkies worked real nice but i guess it wasnt the day for em. i cant get my topwaters to walk consistently, and i think those should have been today's money makers (looked just like the mullet action). any pointers? i'm usin braided line w/ 2' fluorocarb leader and a loop knot.

highlight of my day was when i saw this broken cork float by me and i thought it was hung up, but nothin hangs up in the surf. so i walk over and pull it up and its a medium sized jack. couldnt even swim away from me. musta been tired out of its mind but i managed to revive him and let him go. my mom wanted to keep it b/c she thought it was a pompano. anyone know how jacks taste? i heard not too tasty.

oh another cool thing. i saw what was definitely some kinda shark swim right by me. maybe 2' long. a lil scared at first but realized a good possibility fish were around me so i scooted back n started fishin there lol.

anyways. the potential at galv surf is definitely there. just make sure ur not an amateur when usin arties.
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