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WilliamH said:
Is this the first time The Balinese Room has been completly washed away?

During Carla there was some damaged though. "In 1961, Hurricane Carla damaged the structure. Many of the piers that supported the structure had been washed away, and over following years, the building continued to decay."

More info. here The Balinese Room

Reopened in 2001, I wish I would have at least gone into it before IKE. Now I will never have a chance. I wonder if any memorabilia from there was taken out before IKE hit??? If there was still some left from the glory days????

Much of the original Balinese structure and decor had been either modified or destroyed over the years, but the south seas interior decor of the large ballroom survived and was restored to match its 1940s appearance. The hallway of the long pier was lined with autographed photos of past performers and other memorabilia.

On September 13, 2008, Hurricane Ike barreled into the Galveston seawall in the early morning. Although the pier was higher than the seawall, Ike's storm surge, waves and wind were more than the seventy-nine year old pier could handle. The Balinese Room; after having survived hurricanes Carla, Alicia, and numerous smaller storms; was completely destroyed. Only plywood, rubble, metal and the club's famed red door were left after the hurricane passed through.[
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