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Fished Galveston Sat.
Parted jetties 5:45 am with Snapper on the brain. Stopped @8 mile platform and made quick work of 5 dozed hardtails (nice to have the A-Team on board)
Stopped at first 2 wrecks 35 & 45 miles out, all small snapp's (story of the Summer) next stop 60 miles. Got to structure, first drop JACKPOT!!! 25 lb. Snapper and change. Put it in the box lots of high fives few pic's, hey Pratka, are you registered in the star? wrong answer. 5th place and braging rights are not the end of the world, glad it did'nt weigh 5 more pounds.
Settled back down and went for our next drop, JACKPOT!!! again, Pratka and Hanslik double hookup on ling, complete chaos around gaff time, Jy did about every thing he could do to knock both fish off, but these fish want in the cooler. Boxed both ling, 25 lb. and 35 lb. After that things settled a bit, we burned through the rest of out live bait catching undersized AJ's. Did'nt box a fish for several hours stopped at a few shrimp boats no luck on fish but managed to box a 30 lb. bag of fresh shrimp for a 12-pack of bud light and 2year old playboy, that skipper was a happy man (Bird good job on the throw down bag) 3:30 last stop before calling it a day, 38 miles out and feeling the pressure we tried a wreck that everyone and their mother as fished all summer, JACKPOT again, for the next 45 minutes we put 19 snapper in the box to finish a 20 snapp limit. 3 of the 19 were over 10 lb.s WOW!!!

I would have never thought that wreck would have been so productive this late in the summer. No current, no sharks, no mr. flippers, what a perfect day!

Made it back to the GYB in time to fuel up before closing time. Cheers to my partner TH for this trip we were due. Thirst, Roach and G Pratka are some fishing sob's Its nice to sit back and watch the crew fill the box with minimal effort. No worries on the Star board G Pratka doesn't need any additional ego boost, just a freezer full of fish.
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