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Galveston Jetty Boats

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I'm thinking of taking 4 adults and 3 (8-12 yearolds) fishing July 1 or 2. Does
anyone have any experience with the Jetty Boat in Galveston? They are all
novice fishermen that need to catch something to excite them.
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Try the Texsun II, my friend and I took our wives out on the 11th of this month and had a great time. Between the four of us we caught 9 sharks and 2 bull reds. I think they do two 4 hour trips a day. It is kid friendly and you don't have to bring anything, just show up and fish.
I Would Try Lineburners They Took Us Out We Cought 11 Kings And Idk How Many Sharks
Thanks for the replies, we'll be there this weekend. I'll post a report on how it went.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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