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Was a cold day, but warmed up nice by mid day. Today had two Father and son teams. Started the day in 6 ft of water throwing shrimp and plastic. First 4 shrimp that cast out was 4 keepers in the boat. Ended up drifting over the fish and when we went back had a Kenner cut me off going about 40 mph. So since those fish were busted up moved around and ended up finding some more fish on a shell mud flat in 7-8 ft of water. Most fish were 16''-18'' but the kids had a great time. Had 12 keepers 15-20 throw backs and was able to teach some good kids how to fish.

O best part of the day was when one of my guy throughout his sandwich and when the birds started to work over the floating sandwich had a boat v-line for them when they were only 30 yd behind my boat. Just is crazy to see how crazy some people get when it comes to fishing the birds.

Sorry no pictures forgot the camera.

Capt. Robert Liebert
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