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Galveston 6/3/2006

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We left San Leon around 3:45 on Saturday morning. Me, El Jefe and three other guys. We were headed to a spoat around 90 miles and were met with good conditions at the Jetties. Hit a couple of spots that were pretty dead, no one was home. We had some other stuff in the area that we has not hit in a while so we thought we would check on it. Finally we got into them. Hammered the Snapper for a couple of hours and ended up with a 5 man limit. All solid fish. We had four fish better than 20 pounds (23,22,20,20), and a bunch north of ten pounds. Then we decided to drag baits a bit and see what was around. One 5 pound Dolphin was all we managed. As we headed in we had a spot we wanted to check on and see if any Ling were home, they were. We hooked a good one on a Garcia 5500C and the fight was on. It ended up weighing 47. We then caught two more that were 49, and 55. Three real solid Ling. By that time it was late in the day and we were getting ready for some real food, so we headed for home. All in all a good day with some good fish and good seas. You can see how flat it was at the end in the Ling pictures. We were running 47 MPH on the way in.


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