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Hit GYB at daylight and had a couple of newbies to the saltwater with me. We hit the shallows of Pelican early with no luck on on the flounder so we headed to the North Jetty for some bull red action.

N Jetty had a ripping tide (outgoing) which made fishin tough before noon. Water temp was 69.4-70.2. Wind was South to SE. Light in the am and stiffened as the day went on.

N Jetty was really nice early on in the day. Smooth water and light winds made for a beautiful overcast morning and the sand trout were thick all day. Ended up getting hooked up on two big bulls and the second fish made one of my guests really happy. That was his first red ever and a nice one at that!

Saw Captain Dave and Klever pull up next to us and watched him lay it on the trout and a nice bull himself! Great to meet you Dave. Your fish alarm (Klever) was working in full force out there!

Left the N Jetty after lunch and headed to the back side of Pelican for some very near shore drifting. We had the whole shoreline to ourselves for the rest of the day. It was really nice not having to fight a bunch of boats for shallow water drifting room.

On an incoming tide, we finished the day with flounder limit for me (caught on green sparkle FT cocaho), and a bonus big ugly for the other buddy I had with me. BU went 30lbs and 37" and was landed on 14lb test mono after a 22 minute chase from the trolling motor. CPR'd successfully. Fish was hooked in 3' of water while chasing bait.

Good trip over all. I was really happy I could put two of my good friends on some fish! We all had a blast! :cheers:

First buddy with his first bull red
Pelican Flounder
Second buddy with BU and a huge smile!


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