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This is the start of "Motorcycle Week" up here in New Hampshire, and depending on the weather we will have 75 to 100K bikers in and around the central lakes region where I live. I was going to the Post Office this morning (traffic is already awful and it is only Monday), when I heard a new ad on a local radio station. It was for a shooting gallery in the town which I live in. It is the first time I have ever heard an ad for them. ~ Now here is the strange part, almost all of the ad was about renting and shooting fully automatic weapons at their range. They specifically mentioned AR-15s, fully auto Glocks, and even the "Street Sweeper". Do ranges do this elsewhere? Is a full-auto range common in Texas and other states, or is this an anomaly? ~ By the way, unless they have opened a new facility this is an indoor range.

Any comments, anybody?


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Syncerus said:
It's been around for years in Las Vegas. Exceedingly popular with Japanese tourists, I might add. It's expensive and harmless.

You got the expensive part right. Ranges do this to make a killing on the ammo. They won't allow you to bring your own ammo and they don't allow reloads in the guns they rent.
Depending on what gun you are shooting, 550(a slow one) to 750(a med fast one) rounds/min can eat up several hundred $$ in ammo before you know it. shooting one box is like trying to eat one "tatter" chip LOL.
For outdoor ranges, junk cars seem to be the preferred target for full auto ranges.
While there is a lot of government paper work involved, owning a LEGAL machine gun is not imposable. If you can pass the background check and all the other hoopla they put you through.

As for harmless, there have been no injuries or crime involved, that I'm aware of and its been going on for nearly 20 years. I know of one range in Pasadena that has full auto guns and there used to be(may still be) one or two in Houston.
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