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Holy ****. Knew it was bad and I know lots more have it worse, but wow. Drove down from Austin yesterday to take care of the Mother-in-laws house (have had 4 family members with us since IKE -2). Came prepared with bobcat and 3 crew, two with prior Rita tree expereince. Thought we had a grapple waiting for us but had to track one down, do some fast talking and buy it. Anyway cleared 8 big oks today with two against the house (little damage). Its been like looking at a war zone.
Thought we'd be fighting getting these things done until late Sunday or Monday, but we knocked it all out by 6 tonight.
Long way of saying I've already got the equipment rented and have the crew down anyway. We're running insurance through my company and just looking to cover the costs of having these guys down and the rental. If any 2coolers need some help, please PM me.
Prayers sent for the folks who've got it much worse than having to worry about a tree down or in their house. Its friggin bad down here, but Texans are not crying, looks like everyone is just getting it done.
Hooyaa TEXAS and God bless.
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