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Friday was a great day on the water. I took two of the kids rig fishing ENE out of Port A. The wind was calm at 20-30 miles out, seas may be 2-3'. We found a few snapper and a lot of trigger. Hooked a big Jack on the 20lb outfit, but once again he made it into the rig and cut me off.

Saturday, after a late start, I headed SE to the ships first. There were a few boats trolling, but the seas were miserable. I was only making 10 knots so we continued SE and found blue water at around 15 miles. It was one of the sharpest changes from green to blue that I have seen. We finally found the fish in 120' of water after working back NE. The seas were much better. Boated an undersized ling and chased some 'cuda around. Found a few snapper, but overall not a good day for the freezer. Friday was definitely the better day to fish.

Hope everyone that got out had as much fun as we did.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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