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with the condition supposed to be ideal we headed out to freeport to get on somemore gulf action. we were disappointed to see what mother nature provided. anyway we decide to head to tall rock to get some kings and trolled a few rigs on the way with 2 hookups but they were real small kings so thinking we could catch more we threw them back.. well as the day went on no more kings wanted to play and we were distracted before getting to tall rock by massive weedlines. at this point the wind was blowing really hard and made it difficult to drift. so we decided to go to ^&*&^%$ to anchor up for some snaps and were greeted by two limits with only 1 short throwback. about this time the wind has stopped it got hot and we decide that we want a ling. we see a HUGE weedpile and before we were within 100yrds of the patch we could see dolphin. the second we idle to the pile we are greeted by mister ling who tries to make a meal of one of our chickens. throw a live blue runner to him and he just inhailed it. He was the first ever KEEPER ling ive tangled with and i had a blast. got him to the boat and looked for the gaff which was nowhere to be found. must have fallen out of the rod holder while cruisin. so here i am looking at my first ling and cant get him in the boat. Finnally i gill him and he is mine!!!!!!!!!!! so to not make this story any longer we stocked up on chickens, some a decent size and headed in.

zork i think i will have some fish for the 2cooler fish fry!!!!!

so here he is as well as the total catch


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Good report !!!

keep up the hard work...
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