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Took out a bunch of first timers. First stop was some rocks at about 30 miles, the bottom seemed to be coated in sharks. Just as we were about to leave a school of chicken dolphin show up. We spent about an hour letting the 4 newbies catch them with $6.99 kid combos. Decided to go somewhere else but thought we might troll the area on the way out just in case daddy was lurking around. No bull dolpphin but a small wahoo hit it was funny to see everyones expression change when i corrected them about their "nice king". Trolled some more but nothing else hit. Moved over to a shrimper and as we are rigging up for baits a nice ling swims up, the usual ling scrable ensues and when i throw him a live piggy he takes it. About half an hour later we gaff him. Start working the shrimp boats looking for more ling find 2 more barely keeper and another nice sized one. Last stop of the day is some more rocks catch one limit of snapper and then start pulling up midgets. On the way home we stopped at 2 shrimpers trading 2 cases of beer of 70lbs of shrimp, although only 20 was deheaded. Total catch 4 ling 50 chicken 1 wahoo and 4 snapper

1. My ling
2. the other nice ling
3. the wahoo
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