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Headed out of the jetties about six am and were met with some rough water. Nothing was going to stop me this time. I recently went to florida and did only an hours worth of fishing in four days. So I pushed through to the big water. We hopped riggs befor stopping on the reef we usually fish. We saw a lot of fish reading at botton to 100ft we were in about 170ft of water. We used spro jiggs w/ a stinger using cigar, spanish sardines, and live piggies. The jiggs had no bucktail at the end of the day. I payed for the good fishing with two broken fingers and a hatch slamming on my arm, OUCH! any way had a blast and even fed a few cudas a few kings at the back of the boat lol.

2 amberjacks
16 red snapper 6 to 11lbs
20 vermillion
1 ling
2 black fin tuna
4 chicken dolpins
4 triggers
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