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Finally made it out this year, headed out of Freeport at a 135 heading about 8:00 am after fueling up, Stopped at one weed line about 10mile out, picked up one dolphin but not much action, trolled by a few shrimp boats, nothing, no current and no waves, shrimp boats were not even anchored, Picked up an ran some more got to a rig 20miles out, lots of boats working the rig, Trolled the rig for 30 min with nothing, noticed some small weed lines past the rig, weed not really together, put out cedar plugs and some small soft head lures, picked up 3 dolphin 5lb range, Then ran into a huge weed patch about 250yrs wide and long, Stayed there all day picked up 4 Wahoo, 1 king and 7 more dolphin. Nice to be back on the water, going out Sunday will see what happens.

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