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I had written a long'r story and some how deleted it before it got posted. So here's the short'r version. I normally would use those little smile characters, but due to the pictures, I cant put them where I normally would in my writing. And I had a nice treat getting to meet some of the fine fishcoastal and 2cool forum folks down at Bridge Bait while three of us were filletting fish.

Now to the story-

4 of us decided to make an overnighter June 30 thru July 1. Ran into bad thunderstorms 4 times, but the rest of the trip, the water was absolutely wonderful, and no extreme heat. My wife just had surgery and couldnt go. It was My son from south texas, my nephew Eric, his friend Mark who runs backwater marine and myself.

Left Freeport jetties about 10:30 am friday after catching live piggys down at the guillitine before we headed out and we returned due to weather about 2pm on July 1. I dont know how the smaller boats we passed still fishing out there about 40 miles made it in. I think our round trip was near 175-200 miles. We only anchored about 2-3 tiimes.

We caught LOTS of fish. Dolphin, Red Snapper, Vermillion snapper(beliners), Cuberra Snapper, Amberjacks, Ling, Kings, sharks out the Kazoo (who ever says they are endangered needs to go offshore Freeport fishing once) , got a big baracuda, blue fish, some fish I didnt even know what they were. Main thing I can say was there were lots of fish caught. This photo doesnt even have them all and especially not the big ones. And before you ask, no, we didnt catch double limits or more snapper than we were suppose to. I think we only had 15 reds and were allowed 16.

Strange thing was we didnt catch a single sow snapper, no grouper at all and no wahoo.

I know this forum has lots of jiggers and know alot about them, so I thought I would give it a try other than the old standard diamond jigs. So, I broke down and paid $50 and bought me two of those jap type jigs. Ive never used one like that before, but watched some web videos on how they do it. At $25 a pop for a jig, I was sure hoping they would work. Misterman, its no joke what you hear about them. Those buggers flat catch fish! I caught 3 amberjacks on the FIRST THREE DROPS! I only had to use one and never lost it, but retied it several times. Here's a picture of my brand new lure after 1 trip. Of course, its like any lure, you have to be where the fish are. But I caught Amberjack, cuberra snapper, red snapper, huge hard tails, a ling, and something else on it I cant remember. I think I can truely say with out exaggerating that I must have had probably 50-75+ bites on it and probably caught 25 fish with the one lure I didnt have the money to buy one of those 6 or 7 to 1 ratio reels or one of those specialized poles. I had a 320 penn on a $20 tuna stick rebuilt broke tip poles I got at tackle unlimited out of their cheap barrell. Guess you could say I poor boy'd it. I dont even know if I had the right color that folks use or brand, All I know is it dang sure worked night or day for me. But I surrrrrre got tired do'n it. Main thing I personally learned was I was glad I had 80# spyder wire, work/jig it up as fast as I can and I had to set the hook several times on the fish to get it to hold .

We ended up entering 4 fish in the fishin fiesta. A 30+ # ling that placed, a 20+ # Cravelle Jack, a 63# Amberjack and my nephew snorkel shot a big baracuda. But we found out when he got there that they didnt have a catagory for snorkel shot baracuda this year, but it was a whopper anyway. This is the fella Mark hooked up to the big AJ and what it looked like.

We spent the night tied up to a rig down south, we probably could have loaded up the boat with large beliners. Big as they were, I call them ocean liners

Like I mentioned in the beginning, other than the four thunderstorms we went thru, the water and tempertature and humidity couldnt be better.
What a trip! I wont forget this one for awhile

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Thanks for the report that is a very nice AJ sounds like yall had a blast.
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