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Haven't see may posts from this weekend which is surprising considering the number of boats out and the great conditions. Started at 26nm located good concentration of triggers. Kept moving till reach about 45nm. Snapper were there but not concentrated. Caught one good keeper every other drift. Largest about 12#. Finished about 10:30 with a small (25#) ling as a bonus. Probably could have finished earlier if the bait had not been so soft. It almost fell off the hook under its own weight. Moved back in to a promissing rip. Trolled live bait for about 30min with no action. Checked out several new locations on the way in without finding any new hotspots. Decided to hit one of the more popular spots at about 35miles. Did not look like the other boats were catching anything but an occasional king fish. Thought this would be a good chance to see if the amberjack were still there. Put on 2 fresh live baits and slow trolled in the middle of the pack of boats. Immediately hooked up. Two AJ's for the cooler. Still had lots of live bait so we played with and released several more. At 2:00 it was time to work our way home. Checked out several week lines. Lots of small dolphin and undersize ling. Let my son catch a few chickens and headed to the house. It was nice running in at 35 + mph. Hope you had a good day on the water.
Will attempt to attach picture.
Bill S.
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