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Freeport 6/10 - Mosquito fleet report

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After a week of all work and no play I was ready to hit the water. We left BB about 6 or so and I decided to take a gamble and run to an area we've never fished before. First spot produced 4 snaps to 14# and one nice mango. The spot started getting a little crowded and with 5 boats drifting we decided to head to greener pastures. Made a short move to some more bottom structure. I decided to get jiggy with it and put a snapper slapper on. Well, right as I finish tieing and am about to cut the tag end, I notice.... BIG LING. I about hit him in the head with the jig and he immediately turned and ate it. 20 minutes later we stick him and on the ice he goes. He went 35# on my scale. After no more luck we decided to head in around 10:30(that's always nice). We hit he SE lump only to find some of the smallest kingfish I've ever seen. Made another move to a rig and played around with some Bobo's on trout tackle. I was very dissapointed with the lack of any solid weedlines. All in all, flat seas and hungry fish made for a great day on the water.
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jtburf said:
Great report and great catch ...
But what is a BoBo ????

Bobo = bonita. For some reason I just like that name lol.
snapper slapper lures said:
Nice ling. What color. We have been catching alot of ling on blue/wht and pink/chrt
Thanks for support, Woody
It was on a blue/white/ 4 oz I believe. The stinger hook broke off right as we got him in the chest, however it was cause of the wire twisting and not the clips. The clips held quite nicely.
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