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Freeport 08/04/04

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Left BB&T ramp 6:00 and head 160 degrees. Made bait before the last rigs at a weed line. Bait hit lead minnow jigs before it was 3 foot below surface. Had 20 baits in 10 minutes or less. Stopped at 40nm but no keeper snapper. Continued to 45+nm and fished rocks. 6 keepers first drift. Took 3 more passes to locate final 2 for a 2 man limit which include one bonus mangrover snapper and beeliner. After finishing off snapper we slow trolled live bait. Aj were present as one took the 3 pound beeliner about 20 foot under the boat and made a good run. He let go or was not properly hooked so live bait was put out and slow trolled. Had some hits but could not hook up. Decided to head in and hit rocks that had been producing earlier in the year. Not disappointed. Aj wanted live bait slow trolled at surface. 1st bait only survived about 3 minutes. Nice surface strike with 3 aj's competing for the bait. Continue trolling over rock with the last hardtail about 12" + in size. Got 2 separate aj attacks and final one held it long enough for us to set hook. No huge fish but ended the day with a nice limit and had a great fly by from fighter jets cruising the gulf. The fly boys waived their wings and then went vertical. Would like to ride in one of those jets some day.
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The date was 09/04/04. I must be a month behind schedule.
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