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Well I have been trying to get the details hammered out for a month or so now and finally get everything set in stone and finalized.

I will be doing a free Catfishing seminar on Saturday October 2nd 2004 at Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World In Grapevine.

The seminar will begin at 2:00, and I will be there about 12:30 or 1:00 with a table setup and information for a "meet and greet" type session.

Starting at 2:00 we will have the seminar which will cover Fall Catfishing patterns and how to fish for the fall catfish. If time is allowed which it should be, then we will discuss wintertime catfishing as well.

This seminar will be held at the main fish tank at Bass Pro and we will be demonstrating rigging and techniques during the seminar as well as discussing where to find the fish and what equipment to use.

There will be some of WhiskerKittys finest on hand as well during the event who may also help with the seminar and presentations. I am still trying to finalize the details.

If there is enough people there afterwards we may try and do some "roundtable" discussions after the seminar if time and space permit.

I am very thankful to Bass Pro Shop for providing their facility for this event and this shows that they have an interest in us catfishermen and want to help our cause.

This is the first catfish event to be held there and I expect it will not be the last because I am already in discussions about future events.

Again, the event is free.

Several members have discussed heading to a restaurant after the event for lunch or something and I will fill everyone in on more with that as it develops.




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I have some of it. It works fine. I keep it in my tacklebox as a backup when I can't find natural baits. It is primarily a jug and trotline bait. I think the main reason is, it takes a little while for the bait to start to break down in the water and attract the kitties. I have heard some that have use it on R&R with some success, but, I've never tried it. In my opinion, there are to many other good R&R prepared baits out there. But, it is a good, clean, sweet smelling(anise) bait and stores easily.

Just my 2 cents. I imagine ******* can elaborate.

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I Hope the seminar is a great success. Catfishing is just as fun a "sport" as bass fishing, and we catfishers are just as serious about what we do as the bass crowd. The only real difference between us and the bass boys is their boats cost more and we're a lot better looking....

Keep up the good PR work...
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