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A little while back buddies and I planned a trip one weekend to go gig some flounder and fish. I left the college I was attending around midnight to meet my friends in Rockport, thinking we wouldn't go out that night and just relax. Well you know how it goes when a bunch of college kids get together, we decided to go to Port Aransas and launch the boat at Shamrock. As soon as we get there my buddy tells me to go to the second entrance, saying its packed sand. I turn in it not being able to see how the road looks. Well I start driving and my tires start to sink and spin, so I put it in 4 Wheel Drive. I backed up and took off thinking we would make it, well my truck sank within 20 feet. We thought we were screwed, but somehow we managed to back my truck out with the boat and go to the other 'packed sand' entrance. After all of that, it was about 2:30-3:00 in the morning, so we figured we'd just go gig and then fish that morning.
After all of that we were on the water and heading to the back lakes we usually go to. We got about 5 miles from the boat ramp and couldn't gig a thing (alcohol not being a factor). We then decided we would go try another area and hope for some luck, but at that point there was no luck. We went to start the motor and it wouldn't turn over, but we still had the fan to get us back. About a minute after we started going off of the fan, we heard a pop and looked back at the motor, seeing the fan fly off, hitting the cowling and ricocheting 20 feet in the air landing in the water. At this point we had no clue where we were exactly at, so we threw out the anchor. We decided we'd sit there and drink beer, hoping someone would come by and tow us back when the sun came up.
Finally, the sun came up and we were out of beverages having one guy passed out on the front deck. Somehow we ended up in the middle of a channel, but still no one was in the area. Around 9 o'clock a boat was heading towards us and towed us back.
Moral of the story, make sure your fan is tighten down and wires are plugged in on the motor and a cooler full of beer.
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