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Found a 27"+'er today

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It was easing accross the driveway, heading back into my front garden area. It is DEAD now. I'm not afraid of snakes, but this one got my attention. I'm gonna try and attach a few pictures, but really do not have a clue how to do that. The pics kinda suc anyway.

Long story short, it was a freaking Coral Snake. A big - long..... Coral Snake. I knew what it was immediatly but looked it up anyway. It was a perfect match to a snake book picture that we have. It lived in my flower bed. I'm betting it is not alone. What can we do to de-snake the area. I've heard of using sulpher but am not really sure. From what I have read 27" is a pretty fair sized Coral. - Any help out there from our snakeologists. - DS
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You may have finally caught that State Record. Corals are docile, but deadly. Most victims are fools who pick them up. The two I have come across could not get away from me fast enough.

A few years ago, a fellow in NC (I think) was picking berries or something and stuck his hand in front of one by accident. It bit him and that ol' boy grabbed it, BIT its head off, and used it for a tourniquet. Yep...he lived.
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