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Forklift/ freight.. Help!

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I need to get a forklift moved from D.C. to Colorado, approx. weight is 8000lbs., I'm assuming I just can't ship with Estes, Fed-X etc.. on LTL., any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks, LK
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Try contacting a some Cartage Companies in the DC area.
you'll need a truck with a low boy or a hotshot. I know of none in those areas, but I would search for hotshot or freight companies in DC area and contact them for advice. Or locate one in colorado and have them coordinate the load. a hotshot truck will be most expensive but fastest way. A regular freight might be cheaper but slower.

Don't take the first offer, shop around a little unless you are in a big hurry.

What kinda lift ya moving? warehouse type or telescoping boom type?
contact NAILS: Terry Tomea at 1800-200-6245they specialize in point to point truckload specialty shipments.
thanks for the replies everyone!
try contacting some of the trucking companies from colorado. if they drop off a load in the d.c. area, then they would like a load back to colorado instead of "dead headin". they will give you a cheaper rate to get their truck home. i.e. a "back haul rate"
Call Eric at 713-869-5525. He brokers freight all over the country and gets very good rates.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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