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I bought a Foreverlast wader belt kit at Academy for my son. It is the tan colored one made of heavy canvas looking material. On the second trip my son showed where the Velcro had pulled off the belly pouch that holds the plastic lure box.

I found the WWW site above and let them know of the problem and without question they only asked where to send the replacement. I asked whether he wanted the old one shipped to him and the guy said keep it and "...get some use out of it if you can."

They promptly shipped the new belly pouch complete with the tackle box. I am well pleased!

These are well put together but somebody must have missed a seam at the sewing machine somewhere. I guess I can probably fix the old one and will try later.

Anybody can make a mistake and produce a bad unit. The difference between a good company and a bad one is a good one backs up their product. I will continue to buy their products!
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