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for you guys needing a roofer

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Richard Watts (El Tractor here on the board) has already scheduled 2 of our employees roofs to be replaced this week. He's honest, and a straight shooter.
His office number is (979) 233-1110 or his cell is (979) 482-6686. If you have your insurance check or want to pay him out of your pocket, he can fix you up. Both employees were blown off by another guy that will remain nameless.
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Just called him and he scheduled a visit for Wed if not tomorrow. Sounds like a real nice guy. Thanks for the heads up.
Mont....do you know any fence guys?
Thanks, he'll be here on Wednesday evening.
Good deal, Richard is a good guy.

While I am at it Bay Area Tree Experts‎ is who I use for tree services.
2702 Red Bluff Rd
Seabrook, TX 77586
(281) 422-8764

I am not sure if they are up and running, but I bet they are.

I have contacted Richard and he is going to check out my roof.

Thanks again,
Paul Horacefield
I contacted Richard Watts about my roof damage in Pasadena. He called back in three minutes and was at my house the next day at the time specified to make an estimate. He was very professional and seemed to know his stuff. He will be repairing my roof next week and it should take about 2 1/2 days. This is a complete roof replacement on 4000 sq ft house. I will let you know how he does the job.
Any update on Richard Watts? I am looking for a roofer and would like to hear how ya'lls roofs turned out.
Many roofers may not know that Bradco has just opened a roofing supply store in LaMarque at exit 12. That should be a very convenient location to buy roofing materials.
For those on the NW side, I have a roofing crew available.
Cary Chapman

Professional Roofing Systems
Mobile 281-830-1792 Office 281-338-7663
[email protected]

In League City for10 years...

Did my roof last Sat. 38 sq 1 day tear off, put on, clean gutters, and yard all new jacks painted to match. In a week I have only found 3 nails you want to see it pm me I will give you my address...


Not one penny out of pocket till windstorm inspected and passed... My passed 3 days ago he still has not sent me a bill yet......
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